Hollywood Casino Joliet Tables Tutorial

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Big Six Wheel


Match your bet to the number at the top of the wheel.


There are 54 equally spaced sections on the wheel, each marked with United States currency, a Joker, or a Hollywood Casino symbol.

Twenty Three $1 bills
Fifteen $2 bills
Eight $5 bills
Four $10 bills
Two $20 bills
One Joker
One Hollywood Casino symbol

To bet, you smply place your wages on the face of the bill or symbol you think will win. If the bill or symbol you pick comes up on the wheel, you win the value of the bill or symbol times your bet.


A bet on:
$1 Bill - pays - 1 to 1
$2 Bill - pays - 2 to 1
$5 Bill - pays - 5 to 1
$10 Bill - pays - 10 to 1
$20 Bill - pays - 20 to 1
Hollywood Casino Symbol - pays - 40 to 1
Joker - pays - 40 to 1

For example: if you place a $5 chip on the $1 bill and it comes up, you win an additional $5. If you put a $5 chip on a $5 bill and it comes up, you win an additional $25.

All bets must be placed before the Dealer announces "No More Bets."

*Rules and Regulations subject to change without notice.