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Caribbean Stud


To beat the Dealer's hand.


  • Each Player begins by making an opening, or "ante", bet. Once all ante bets have been placed, the Dealer and the Players each receive five cards.
  • All cards are dealt face down except the Dealer's last card.
  • After viewing their hands and the Dealer's upcard, each Player then has two options: "calling the Dealer's hand" or folding. If a Player folds, his or her ante bet is forfeited. If a Player "calls the Dealer," another wager of twice the amount of the original ante must be placed.
  • After all "call bets" have been placed, the Dealer turns the remaining four cards face up. If the Dealer doesn't have at least an Ace-King, the Player receives even money on the ante bet, but no action is taken on the call bet.
  • If the Dealer does have at least an Ace-King, the Players' hands are turned up, and if they beat the Dealer, their call bets are paid according to the payout schedule. Ante bets are paid even money.


  • ONE┬áPAIR -- Even Money -- 1 to 1
  • TWO PAIR -- Up to Max. Payout -- 2 to 1
  • THREE OF A KIND -- Up to Max. Payout -- 3 to 1
  • STRAIGHT -- Up to Max. Payout -- 4 to 1
  • FLUSH -- Up to Max. Payout -- 5 to 1
  • FULL HOUSE-- Up to Max. Payout -- 7 to 1
  • FOUR OF A KIND -- Up to Max. Payout -- 20 to 1
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH -- Up to Max. Payout -- 50 to 1
  • ROYAL FLUSH -- Up to Max. Payout -- 100 to 1


Players may make an optional wager to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot. Each table displays its own Progressive Jackpot meter. Players can win with any of the following: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Full House, or Flush. The payout for the latter three hands is fixed, while winnings for a Royal Flush and Straight Flush are a percentage of the meter (see payout schedule).


  • FLUSH -- $50
  • FULL HOUSE -- $100
  • FOUR OF A KIND -- $500
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH -- 10% of Meter
  • ROYAL FLUSH -- 100% of Meter

*Rules and Regulations subject to change without notice.